We Are Not A Team Because We Work Together, We Are A Team Because We Respect, Trust, & Care For Each Other.

- Adil Nowshirwan

We Are G7CR, We Are The Best Team In The League. When We Play Like That We Can't Lose.

- Arunim Pandey

We Are Creative Happy Minds.

- Chandana Y M

We Are The Hustlers. None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us.

- Rakesh Sharma

We Are Knights On The Cloud

- Amir Ali Azizuddin

We Are Made To Persist, That's How We Find Out Who We Are.

- Sagar

We Are Hustlers !!!

- Garima Anand

We Are Enthusiastic

- Mohd Ashif

We Are The Innovators

- Abhilash

We are Warriors & Love To Take Challenges.

- Praleeth Kumar P

We Are Tech-savvy

- Gulab Pasha

We Are Innovators

- Harshita Gupta

We Are Daredevils

- Avula Narendra

We Are A Team, Watch Us Build An Empire Together.

- Naushad Ansari

We Are The Trend Setters

- Neha Paul

We Are Defining Tomorrow

- Nimra Fatima

We Are The Future

- Nithin Kumar B J

We Are TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)

- Roushan Parwej

We Are Game Changers

- Phaneendra Garapati

We Are Amazing

- Proloy Saha

We Are Believers

- Prathiparaj T

We Are The Door To Your Future

- Santhosh G

We Are the New ROAD to Success

- Shwetha-L

We Are All Winners Here

- Syed Yusuff

We Are Defining Cloud's Future

- Sonali C Wetal

We Are What We Believe We Are

- Shweta Maurya

We Are Tech Amaze

- Swaroop B R

We Are Cloud Rulers,

- Shankar C H

We Are The I-Caters (I-CATERS - Information Providers)

- Rajesh R

We Are Creative, Achievers, Motivators.

- Hari

We Are The Explorers, We Together Are one - Individually We Are One Drop, Together We Are An Ocean.

- Keerthi Vasu D

We Are Diamonds Shining Forever, There Is No Finish Line to G7CR.

- Radhika Kumari

We Are A Diamond is Forever So All G7CRians Shaines Together There Is No Finish Line to G7CR.

- Nithyshree M B

We are The Team With The Biggest Heart, Deepest Passion,Toughest Practices,Strongest Together & Will To Succeed!

- Sowmya V Badiger

We Are The Innovators

- Anvika S V Bharadwaj

We Are Connoisseur Of Cloud

- Vijetha Shetty

We Are Hard Worker's , Stay Clam & Amazing Things Will Happens.

- Sivashankaran R

We Are Defining Cloud's Future.

- Surbhi Gupta

We Are Achievers.

- Mohammed Zaid

We Are Mighty Forerunners

- Gracy Gnanamani

We Are Spartans, We Never Give Up.

- Vassanth Kumar

We Are The Motivators For The World

- Syed Hashim

We Are More Alike Than Different. We Are One.

- Nazeerullahusen

We are who we choose to be

- Zia-Ul-Haque Siddique